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Emergency Aid Coalition

The Vision
Compassionate caregivers, serving the homeless, near-homeless, and the
working poor.
The Mission
The Emergency Aid Coalition is an interfaith association of congregations
covenanted to meet basic human needs, physical and spiritual, and promote
the self-sufficiency of our clients. The EAC provides practical support
such as food, clothing, assistance in securing limited financial aid
and life skills instruction.
Since 1983, the Emergency Aid Coalition has served the needs of the poor.
By forming an interfaith coalition, the EAC pooled volunteer, financial,
food and clothing resources to make a greater impact on the lives of
the near-homeless and the working poor.
Volunteer Opportunities
We also ask you to become involved. Volunteer to make sandwiches or
serve a meal from our Food Pantry, sort clothes and assist clients
in our Clothing Center, interview clients for our Aid to Families
program or become a Faithful Friend to a homebound person.
No matter what your faith, we ask you to join us with your prayers
for the people we serve, and for the volunteers and staff of the
Emergency Aid Coalition who give so much to our community.

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